Is Medical Coding Certification Compulsory For Coders....?

                  Medical coding is a specialized function of the medical billing process where the coder assigns medical expense codes to bills submitted for insurance payment. Although coding skills and knowledge can be acquired through self-study or practical experience in a working environment, aspiring medical coders or those seeking to advance their professional standing can attend classes to learn or enhance skills and earn certification. Have a question? Get an answer from a Apex Medcom & Training Institute now! Certified Medical Coder Requirements Classes to Take to Learn Medical Coding

Requirements Of Medical Coding Certification

Medical coding certification for those new to the field usually requires formal training through a reputable institute and passing the certification exam. Coders with experience may forgo training and become certified through the American Health Information Management Association or the American Academy of Professional Coders simply by preparing for and passing the certification test. There are no legal requirements governing coders, and certification is strictly and optional career choice.

Advantages of Medical Coding Certification

Medical coders sometimes have an advantage over those without certification in professional circles as a commitment to your profession. Certification serves as credential identification in the job market and professional situations, allowing you to use established medical coding designations such as CPC (certified professional coder).

Disadvantages of Medical Coding Certification

Disadvantages or medical coding certification depend heavily on your personal situation. If you are experienced, employed and earning top wages in an established company as a non-certified coder, you may not require certification at all. Certification and the continuing education required by some certification programs costs money and time. Unless your employer is willing to reimburse you and you are happy in your position, there is no real advantage to certification like CPC or CCa.

Job Prospects of Certification vs. Non-Certification

Some companies hire only medical coders with certification and may offer higher salaries, while others have no preference or salary differential as long as you can do the job. As a general rule, if you are new to medical coding, certification may provide an edge in certain job markets or to employers with particular policies concerning certification. In the medical coding and billing field, experience, speed, accuracy and professionalism almost always win over non-experienced certified coders, but adding certification will never hurt your chances of landing a job.