There is high demand of medical coder and biller in Gulf/ UAE with AAPC/AHIMA certification. Most of the medical coding companies in Dubai recognize AAPC certifications. This means, you need to get the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification from the AAPC. It is recognized all over the world and will open doors for you. Healthcare industry is a fast growing industry; so as the career opportunities in the industry. The demand for Medical Coders and Billers is increasing all over the world day by day .


There is high demand of Medical Coder in Gulf/UAE, It’s a high paid job of the recent healthcare market. A major incentive would be that they pay well. That is the reason people are eager to earn jobs with gulf countries.
A certified Medical Coder / Biller can expect around 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 per month in Gulf /UAE With a hike of minimum 25% every year. As far as the experience and expertise go up, there are many incentives also in picture.
The payment can vary on the basis of the speciality / practices, and the nature of the clients.
However, if you work abroad as a medical coder, there are dream packages offered for expert medical coders. Apart from India/ Gulf/UAE , there are a large number of opportunities for medical coders and billers in US as well as the Middle East Region.
Statistics have proved that coders who have flown to Dubai for coding jobs, were offered 25% more than what was offered in other countries. Therefore, people have reason enough to complete their coding education /Certifications to go to these gulf countries for jobs. .


If you are considering a career in medical coding or medical insurance billing but still have doubts, here's a list of benefits of this field that can help you to make your decision.. .

# It's an in-demand job.

# You can work in flexible hours.

# Highly paid job of Health care Industry with short time of Education.

# You can work in different settings (E.G HCC Coding,ED Department, Pathology etc.).

# Your job will not demand clinical visits.

# You can start work quickly.

# Medical billing and coding can be an excellent starting point for those who wish to explore alternative clinical or health administration options.

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